Sunday, 30 April 2017

Guardians of the galaxy vol.2

Image result for guardians of the galaxy 2today My family went to go see guardians of the galaxy vol.2 and it was amazing. the cinemas we went to was in botany.  I liked the movie because it had a lot of action in it and it was cool at the same time. at the movie we got ice cream, frozen cokes and popcorn ( of course). I would not want to spoil it for you guys but I want to say again that the movie was cool. My Favorite character was groot because he was so cute in the movie.

Task description: I know it is Sunday but I am posting my Friday blog post now because I forgot to post it on my blog on Friday.

Last day of the holidays

the last day of the school holidays. today, I thought it was going to be sunny but I got my hopes up and it was cloudy and rainy. today I woke up and had to clean my room and the sitting room. after I cleaned we went to pakuranga and went to the food center. We went to order at burger king but it wasn't opened so then we had a little tiki tour and found another burger king near by. when we went inside we first went to the ittle arcade they had and Judah (My brother),Trendy ( my cousin), and I got $2 each and me and judah played on the basketball shooting game.

 Task description: this is the last day and I thought why not write about. I also have another blog post coming and it is from friday I forgot to post it.

Friday, 28 April 2017

Does it float or sink

Does it float or sink click on the presentation and see the objects that float or sink.

Task description: this task was an experiment and it was for the team 4 holiday blogging comp. I really liked this experiment because it was fun but a little messy luckily it was just water. If you want to try it at home you just need water, a bowl and some objects to put in

Sunday, 23 April 2017

class trip to the zoo (fake)

Task description: this was a task for my team 4 holiday blogging comp. it is a fake trip and you would know that it was fake because it was  class trip and  what class goes on a trip in the middle of the holiday. I also made a box showing the animals that I chose to go see there is also a map if you want to visit them as well.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Paper planes

Task description: This is My task for Team 4 holiday blogging comp. there is also a little video of how creative I was I am talking about how to make paper planes and which one was my favorite. Hope you guys enjoy and stay tuned for my next posts. also I am posting this before i sleep so goodnight everyone.

Happy Birthday To my Nan


Happy birthday To my Nan. Today is My nana's birthday And we are going to her house for her birthday partie. we got there and their were some good food I saw KFC and all kinds of food. We had to by last minute presents for My nana and We Got her chocolate but she didn't want it so we gave it to my older cousin "Hayley". Thanks for reading about My nana's birthday and stay tuned for My next post.

Task description: this is from yesterday But I did not post it because it was late and I got tired. Please look at My blog post because I am trying to win A prize from Team 4.

Strong Mighty Beast

Task description: this was a task For My team 4 holiday blogging comp. I made up this animal so don't go looking for it in the desert because it is not real. I am talking about its adaption and where it lives and all that stuff. hope you enjoy please feel free to leave a comment and please read my next one as well